Kemeri National Park Bog walk


Established in 1997, Kemeri is the third largest national park in the country by area, covering an area of 381.65 km². The territory of the park is located close to the Riga beach Jurmala, and mostly occupied by forests and marshland, the most significant of them being The Great Kemeri Bog. On our tour we will visit the Sloka Lake and Kanieris Lake (Ramsare site), excellent places for observing waterfowl and birds of prey.  The wild horses and taurus sanctuary are not far from Jurmala. The park also protects the famous natural mineral-springs and muds, used for centuries because of their therapeutic properties. The springs led to the development of the health resort in the 19th century. In 3-4 hours we will visit several spots depending on your interests. Specially interesting Kemeri Bog is in early morning in Spring and Autumn when sun is raising and all arround is fog. Morning Moorland!

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It still gives me very much pleasure to think back to these days in Jurmala and especially to your hospitality and helpfulness. Once more thanks a lot!
Zigfrid from Siegburg-Selingenthal
Armands proved to know the country very well and fulfilled any wish possible. So I don't hesitate to recommend his tours, especially if you want to bring in your own ideas and wishes.
Robert B. Fishman

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