Kuldiga – Latvian Venice

Liepajas street The Waterfall Kuldiga days festival

Kuldiga is frequently called Latvian Venice. The route through the small villages of Kandava and Sabile will lead you to Kuldiga (Goldingen) - the ancient Courland town on the river Venta with the widest waterfall in Europe (249 m). On the way to Kuldiga you will see George Armisted’s, a British origin Mayor of Riga’s (1901 – 1912) hunting lodge. in Sabile will be stop over for a local syder tasting. This tour will take 7-8 hours. #kuldiga #goldingen #ventarapid #Ventawaterfall


Video about this very interesting and romantic town - Kuldiga.


For lunch following restaurants are recommended - "Goldingen Room" and "Bangerts".

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2-3 day tours in Kuldiga



It still gives me very much pleasure to think back to these days in Jurmala and especially to your hospitality and helpfulness. Once more thanks a lot!
Zigfrid from Siegburg-Selingenthal
Armands proved to know the country very well and fulfilled any wish possible. So I don't hesitate to recommend his tours, especially if you want to bring in your own ideas and wishes.
Robert B. Fishman

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