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Sigulda - place for nature and history lowers Ligatne paper mill village Jurmala -Baltic Sea Riviera



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The most poplar tourism attraction for foreign tourists is the Hill of Crosses.  The Hill of Crosses is located 130 km from Riga and it is hill covered with hundered thousands or more crosses, crucifixes and rosaries made form different materials and in different size. The tradition of carving religious icons has been handed down through  generations. UNESCO recognizes  wooden cross-making as intangible cultural heritage of Lithuania, a “symbol of national and religious identity,” uniting the community in the face of adversity. 

Historically this is piligrimage place, but in now days also tourists from all over the world are visiting this unique place. During the Soviet era, these crosses were removed by the authorities, but locals continuously replaced them. In 1993, Pope John Paul II prayed here, and he often mentioned the sacred site in his homilies and speeches. Since gaining independence in 1991, religion in Lithuania is practiced freely and openly. Still, a rural exodus from rural areas and villages means fewer young people learn the craft of cross-making. Today, no one really holds jurisdiction of the Hill of Crosses, with different organizations and individual volunteers pitching in to maintain the site. However, even with an uncertain future, the Hill of Crosses welcomes tourists feel hope for the future. Welcome!







Delicious news - Micheline Guide confirms entry into Latvia


Micheline Guide has included 22 Latvian restaurants in its latest edition 2023. A Latvian restaurant in Riga "Max Cekot Kitchen" has been awarded a Micheline star for the first time. The Latvian restaurants included in Micheline Selected Restaurants are also Pavaru Maja in Ligatne Village, Turo, Zoltners in Tervete Parish, MO in Liepaja city, 3 pavari, Whitehouse, 36.linija in Jurmala city, John, COD, Le Dome, Chef's Corner, Barents Cocktails & Seafood, Barents, Aqua Luna, Entresol, Ferma, Neiburgs, Astes (Tails), H.E.Vandziņš in Cesis town, Akustika in Valmiera town, KEST in Cesis town and Riviera


The Micheline Star system is a widely recognized ranking of gastronomic excellence produced by the Micheline Guide publisher.