Kuldiga – Latvian Venice


Kuldiga is frequently called Latvian Venice. The route through the small villages of Kandava and Sabile will lead you to Kuldiga (Goldingen) - the ancient Courland town on the river Venta with the widest waterfall in Europe (249 m). On the way to Kuldiga you will see George Armisted’s, a British Mayor of Riga’s (1901 – 1912) hunting lodge. This tour will take 6-7 hours.

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2-3 day tours in Kuldiga



It still gives me very much pleasure to think back to these days in Jurmala and especially to your hospitality and helpfulness. Once more thanks a lot!
Zigfrid from Siegburg-Selingenthal
Armands proved to know the country very well and fulfilled any wish possible. So I don't hesitate to recommend his tours, especially if you want to bring in your own ideas and wishes.
Robert B. Fishman

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